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18″ Doll Tote

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It happened again.

I tried to go back to a site and find something I have made before in an attempt to avoid digging through piles of paper in my office, and it was gone.

This time it was a bag for 18” dolls. (Last time it was Chocolate Fruit Tarts, which are super easy, no-bake, and delicious! Great, now I’m hungry.)

I can never remember how long I am supposed to cut the straps for the bag. So, even when I have the bag pattern, I still have to dig to find the strap length.

I finally wised up and wrote it on my pattern after once again making the search.

Yeah, yeah you probably thought about it immediately. Must be nice to be you.


In case I forget to mention it later, the answer is 9.5” per strap.

Before I cut out my bag pieces, I trimmed rectangles out of the fabric I would be using, choosing fabric sections that had portions of design I wanted to show (aka fussy cuts).

Since I was using black fabric for the bag interior and a white fabric for the exterior, I had to also cut a white lining to block the darker fabric from showing through. If my fabrics are both similar in color, I skip that step.

Next I pinned my pattern to the fabric.

And cut my pieces.

I placed the right sides of the dark fabric together for the interior. For the exterior, I made a sandwich of white-print-print-white, with the right sides of the print fabric together.

I then sewed ¼” seams on the sides and bottom of each bag piece.

For the interior piece, I was supposed to leave a bottom section open so I could flip the bag right-side-out once I attached the linings. It’s been awhile, and I forgot. Seam ripper in hand, I took out the center stitches and overstitched the edges to lock the edges of the opening.

Once the side and bottoms were finished, I opened the bottom corners to match the seams, flattened, and sewed them closed.

1/4″ seam and corners closed on bag exterior

I think 5/8” ribbon looks best for the handles, so I cut two strips to 9.5”.

I turned the exterior of the bag right-side-out and sewed on my button.

Using my pattern as a guide, I pinned the straps in place.

I then placed the exterior inside the interior lining with right sides together and sewed a ¼” seam around the top of the bag.

Then I pulled the bag right-side-out through the hole I left in the bottom of the interior piece.

The next step was to close the hole in the bag interior. I prefer to use a matching thread and whipstitch the opening so it is almost invisible. This makes the bag look nicer if it is reversed. The original instructions suggest a 1/8” seam instead.

I gently tucked the lining into the bag and top stitched the edge to hold the lining in place and help the bag have a “finished” look.

(top stitch)

My adorable bag was finished and ready to add the finishing touch to any 18” doll’s wardrobe!

I love that the bag is reversible and can be coordinated with more than one outfit.

So, just like with my Chocolate Fruit Tarts, I am putting the pattern and instructions in my blog, just so I can find them again. 😊

Which has been a major fail.

I have two printers, and no matter what I have tried, I can not get either scanner to work. As soon as I am inspired to drag out the giant scanner, I will attach the original instructions, which include two cute variations to the bag.

Update: The other scanner was also a fail. Darn upgraded Windows operating systems that won’t support older hardware. Thankfully, the amazing husband of mine took the instructions to work and scanned them for me. They are now downloadable as well.

In the meantime, I can at least include a file for the pattern, which I recreated in Adobe Illustrator.

A huge thank you to Day Dream Doll Boutique for the original instructions and pattern! If the site is ever back up and active, I will change the pattern download to a link to the original site.

If you make one, be sure to send me a picture. I love to see what cool patterns can be used for doll accessories.

To check out some of my other doll totes and accessories, you can view them on my Etsy shop.


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