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Afternoon Tea Breakfast/Brunch Recipes

Pumpkin Pecan Scones…or Don’t Bake Hungry

Yummy Pumpkin Pecan Scones perfect for the start of fall!

Baking Decorating

Champagne Bottle Cookie Tutorial

No time now? Pin it for later! For the last few weeks I have been focused on making Daisy Scout petals easier to complete from home. I haven’t been baking as much as normal, but I have honestly enjoyed the break and change of focus. Being home 24/7 has only reinforced one thing, I do […]

Daisy Scouts Girl Scouts

Daisy Badge at Home: Eco Learner

When you earn your Eco Learner Badge you’ll know how to protect the environment when you go outside!

Daisy Scouts Girl Scouts

Daisy Petal at Home: Be A Sister to Every Girl Scout

When you earn your final lavender Daisy petal, you will know how you are connected to Girl Scouts and Girl Guides around the world!

Daisy Scouts Girl Scouts

Daisy Petal at Home: Make the World a Better Place

Try to find ways to bring a little joy into the world as you earn your light pink Daisy petal!

Daisy Scouts Girl Scouts

Daisy Petal at Home: Use Resources Wisely

Using resources wisely is not just about recycling. When you earn your green Daisy petal, you’ll have a better understanding of ways you can make a difference every day!

Daisy Scouts Girl Scouts

Daisy Petals at Home: Respect Myself and Others and Respect Authority

Earning your purple and dark pink petals means learning to respect yourself, others, and authority.

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