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Brownie Badge at Home: Painting

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I never realized how one teensy disruption to your routine can derail one’s focus…for 11 months.

And he’s going to be around for an unknown number of months more.

You get it.

Enough said.

This year our adorable Daisy troop bridged to cute Brownies. It has been a challenge, and sadly we have only managed to work on two badges so far this school year. 🙁

We seem to be back on track now, with the potentially maybe it might happen possibility of a meeting in-person happening later this month.

One of the badges we did manage to complete was the painting badge.

If you have a bad leader like I am, or just want to help your girl work independently on badges, here’s how to earn the painting badge at home.

For each Step, you only have to complete one option.

Just one. Really.

And trust me, there is plenty to do with a five-step badge project.

Step 1: Get Inspired

Option 1: Talk to a painter

Ask a painter in your community where they get their inspiration. What
do they like to paint? Why? Look at some of their paintings and explain
what you like about them.

Option 2: Go to an art show or museum

Find five paintings that you love and decide why you think they are great. Who painted them? When? Look for what they have in common with each other. (Can’t get out? See option 3 for virtual tours.)

Option 3: Find five paintings that interest you

Find five paintings that you love and decide why you think they are great. Who painted them? When? Look for what they have in common with each other.

Here are some links to find paintings. (Disclaimer – you may want to review the sites or rooms before letting the girls “look” around. The virtual tours are really neat, but they do contain potentially age-inappropriate paintings.)

My YouTube – under Kid-Friendly Painting Examples playlist – I have slide shows to highlight the types of paintings discussed in the future steps.

Using this interactive map you can try to find paintings and read about them –
Paul Getty Museum
St. Louis Art Museum collections
Musee d’Orsay
52 Paintings Children Should Know (yep, nudes in here too…)
The Frick Collection

Other virtual tour links can be found here.

Step 2 – Paint the real world

Option 1: Paint a Portrait

Find a friend, family member, or even a pet and paint their portrait. This step could be fun to do over Zoom with another girl scout where you can each paint each other’s portraits! Here are some portrait examples on my YouTube Channel.

Option 2: Paint an outdoor landscape with trees or flowers

Look for a location with interesting features or lots of colors. Paint what you see! Here are some landscape examples on my YouTube Channel.

Option 3: Paint a still life

Gather a collection of items. They can go together, like a bowl of fruit, or they can be completely unrelated. Set up your objects in a group, and paint it! For still life inspiration, here is a video of still life paintings from my YouTube page.

Step 3 – Paint a Mood

Painters sometimes paint abstract art, instead of recognizable objects. There are many ways to create a mood, including colors. You are an artist. Pick one of the mood options and create a painting using colors and abstract images to create a mood. You can find some sample abstract paintings on my YouTube Channel.

Option 1: Calm

What colors make you feel calm? How would you express that feeling with colors? Your abstract painting should reflect how it makes you feel.

Option 2: Happy

Are there colors or shapes that make you smile? Try to capture that feeling in a painting.

Option 3: Angry

Sometimes being angry is referred to as seeing red. Red is a common color associated with anger. Can you think of any other colors that make you feel angry? Express this emotion in your abstract painting.

Step 4 – Paint without brushes

There are many objects that you can find that will be fun to paint with. Use your imagination to look at common items in a new way.

Option 1: Paint with something from nature

Leaves, sticks, rocks, even flowers can be used to create interesting paintings. What other objects can you use in your painting? Once you find your objects, paint your picture.

Option 2: Paint with indoor objects

Things like string, cotton balls, a fork, or even a straw can make for an interesting painting. What did you use to paint yours?

Option 3: Paint with a stamp

With an adult’s help, cut the end of a potato into a stamp. You can also use a sponge or a piece of flexible foam. What about bubble wrap? Think of some fun stamp ideas and use them to create your painting.

Step 5 – Paint a Mural

Murals are very large paintings that are sometimes painted on buildings. For the last step in this badge, paint a mural on a large piece of butcher paper or on many pieces of paper taped together.

Option 1: Tell a story you love

You can paint a mural about your favorite book, your favorite memory, or even a favorite family vacation. Use the large format to make your viewer understand the story you are trying to tell.

Option 2: Paint a mural about Girl Scout fun

What is it about Girl Scouts you love? Find a way to paint the story of a favorite trip, service project, or fun activity that captures what you love about scouting.

Option 3: Tell the story of an event or person

Who or what inspires you? Paint their story or the story of an event that has made an impact on how you view the world.


You did it!

If you have completed one option from each of the five steps, you have earned your Painting Badge.

It’s time to celebrate!

🙂 Angie

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