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Champagne Bottle Cookie Tutorial

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For the last few weeks I have been focused on making Daisy Scout petals easier to complete from home. I haven’t been baking as much as normal, but I have honestly enjoyed the break and change of focus.

Being home 24/7 has only reinforced one thing, I do not like washing dishes! So by not baking as much, at least I am only washing dishes once a day, instead of 3 times or more. There is just no way I would survive this if I had to cook and clean up after a large family, and to all you out there who do, you are my personal heroes.

If I lived alone, I would eat nothing but microwave meals and use plastic utensils. I would also have every single surface in the house covered in different projects… so maybe it is a good thing I don’t live alone.

Now that I have a 3-D printer, I need to stop being lazy and print a champagne bottle cookie cutter. Since I am lazy, however, I have been using a beer bottle cookie cutter instead.

The difference between a beer bottle and a champagne bottle seems like a lot, but really, the trick is to (carefully) use the curve of the beer bottle to cut more out of the neck. The next picture shows the tiny cut to remove a little of the neck.

Image showing cut made to convert beer bottle cookie into champagne bottle cookie.

The result is a dramatic change from beer to champagne!

champagne bottle on the left, beer bottles on the right

Once the cookies are baked a cooled, decorating can begin. 🙂

Use flood consistency (15-second icing for each step)
1. Outline and flood the “foil” in a gold tone icing. Shake cookie side to side gently to flatten any icing bumps. (If you want a wine bottle instead of a champagne bottle, end the “foil” area in a line instead of a point.)
2. Outline and flood the label white. My label size changes based on what I have to write on them.
3. Let the cookies sit for a few hours, then outline and flood the rest of the bottle with black icing.
4. Let the icing dry completely usually several hours to overnight. Once the icing is completely dry, use gold dust with confectioner’s glaze or vodka to paint the “foil”.
5. Finally, write your message on the bottle label.

Now you have some stunning (and surprisingly easy!) champagne bottle cookies for your next celebration.



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  1. Hi, Thank you 😊 this is great for our Girl Scouts to earn their badges. I’m looking for the Leave…

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