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Cherry Banana Smoothie Bowl

I made my first smoothie bowl this week.

It wasn’t the prettiest I’ve seen, but it was pretty tasty.

I have heard about smoothie bowls for a while, but I usually just prefer to make my smoothies liquid enough to drink. Since I had to be creative about what I had for breakfast anyway, I figured I would give a bowl a try.

I was out of my usual breakfast items, and I had a craving for sausage and eggs, so I went into the freezer to see if the veggie sausage crumbles I knew were in there were still good.

They were not.

But I did see frozen bananas, frozen cherries, and coconut whipped topping.

I found almond butter, cacao powder, and chia seeds in the pantry and almond-coconut blend milk and spinach in the refrigerator.

That should do it!

I put all the ingredients in the blender and turned it on high for just under a minute.

I checked to see if everything was blended.

It looked good to me, so I poured it into a bowl.

I added some frozen cherries, banana chips (I was out of fresh banana), a dollop of coconut whipped topping, chia seeds, and some coconut flakes.

It may not have tasted like sausage or eggs, but I got to have chocolate for breakfast!

😉 Yeah, that is better.


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  1. Hi, Thank you 😊 this is great for our Girl Scouts to earn their badges. I’m looking for the Leave…

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