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Daisy Badge at Home: Eco Learner

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If you are one of my regular readers, I am sure you are getting sick of Daisy badges! 🙂 I promise to get back to the baking things soon!

It’s a bit chilly to go outside here today to work on the Eco Learner badge, but two of three activities are indoor ones. The purpose of the badge is to learn three ways to protect the environment when you go outside.

Eco Learner Badge

1. Be prepared to protect nature before you go outdoors
2. Keep living things safe when you walk in nature
3. Learn how to protect nature from trash

Materials Needed:
Leave No Trace handout
Wildlife Chart
Craft supplies (markers, crayons, or pencils)
String at least 3 feet long, or small hoop

Learn about being prepared from the Leave No Trace handout. Talk about what you need to be prepared for when you go outside (water, snack, wear layers, etc.)

Activity 1: Play a wildlife game with your family

Print the attached wildlife chart. In the blank squares, draw pictures of creatures you might find in your backyard or the park—like ants, birds, and worms. In other blank squares, draw pictures of wildlife you probably won’t see near your home—like a lion or an elephant. Play a game with your family by having them circle the pictures of things you are likely to see in your backyard and crossing out the ones you are not likely to see.

Activity 2: Make a Nature Circle

From a sidewalk or other path, lay a circle of string in the grass. Carefully look in the circle and count how many things you find that live there, like plants or bugs. What would be injured if you walked off a path? (Optional—Use a magnifying glass to get a closer look. Draw a picture of everything you see in your circle.)

Activity 3: Create a Trash Tale

Come up with a story that tells why it’s important to not leave trash in nature. Share your story with your friends (and scout leader). It could be a story about how a bear found food trash at a campsite and ate all of it. Or about a flower that was surrounded by trash and couldn’t grow. If you want, you can draw pictures for your story.


Extra Fun:

Have a “Be Prepared show-and-tell”—When you go outside, there are some things you might want to bring, and some you’ll want to leave at home. Gather items from around your house and make two piles. One is for “take outdoors” and one is for “leave behind.” Think of things like a toaster or a toy (leave behind) and water bottle, sunscreen, and bug spray (take outdoors). Then show an adult your two piles and have them guess what each is for.

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  1. Hi, Thank you 😊 this is great for our Girl Scouts to earn their badges. I’m looking for the Leave…


2 thoughts on “Daisy Badge at Home: Eco Learner

  1. Hi,
    Thank you 😊 this is great for our Girl Scouts to earn their badges. I’m looking for the Leave No Trace handout and can’t seem to find it. Where can i find it?
    Thanks 😊

    1. Maria,
      I am so glad you caught that! 🙂 Here is a link to my Resources Page (, and I will get it updated in the post as well. Just click on the Eco Learner Badge heading and it should jump you down to it!

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