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Daisy Petal at Home: Honest and Fair

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The first daisy petal is the light blue petal, which stands for Honest and Fair. Working on this petal helps remind us that we all deserve equal treatment, and saving something for yourself alone isn’t as fun as sharing it with people you care about.

Lupe Petal – Honest & Fair


1. Talk about Lupe’s story
2. Practice being honest & fair

Read Lupe’s story. If you have a tablet, you can open it on that and read it together!

Talk about the story:

  • When did Lupe show that she was honest and fair?
  • How do you think the flower friends would have felt if Lupe had opened the present without them?
  • How to you think Lupe would feel if she had not shared the present?
  • When have you been honest and fair? How did it feel?

Practice being honest and fair while playing a game. Select a game that has rules to follow and be sure to play using the rules.

  • Why is it important to follow the rules when playing a game?
  • How would you feel if you and a friend were each given a snack, but your friend got more than you? What if you were the one to get more?

Talk about ways that you can practice being honest and fair at home, at school, and in other activities.

Now that you have met Lupe, print and color her coloring page! (optional)

In her own words, write down 3 things she has learned about being honest and fair.

Great job! Now that you have earned your light blue petal, celebrate by printing the petal tracker and coloring in the honest and fair petal. 🙂 (You can also find petals to print in color and attach to the tracking sheet here.)

You can also print out the instructions for completing this petal.

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  1. Hi, Thank you 😊 this is great for our Girl Scouts to earn their badges. I’m looking for the Leave…

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