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Daisy Petal at Home: Promise Center

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Last year I started on the roller coaster journey of being a Girl Scout Troop co-leader.

And what a journey it has been!

After spending Kindergarten working on our petals, we have dived into badges this year. But of course, that has all be derailed for a bit. (Just like the ants derailed my baking projects last year and left me reflecting on how I earned my Daisy Petals as a leader. 😉 Which you can check out here.)

This year we had the pleasure of adding five new girls to our troop. It has been wonderful to have them, but since they did not get to do their petals with us last year, we have had to come up with solutions for them to earn them on their own.

Since I have all this new found free time, I have been working through the petal requirements and adapting them to be earned at-home.

I am hoping that this can also be a resource to other troops out there who might have girls working on their petals at home as well.

The Promise Center is the heart of the Daisy journey, and the first item to work on.


1. Learn the Girl Scout sign
2. Practice saying the Girl Scout Promise
3. Discuss what it means to “promise” something

-First, let’s learn the girl scout sign. Girl Scouts use this sign when reciting the Promise and the Law. We also use this as a signal for quiet when someone is talking, and when we give our Girl Scout friends a special handshake.

– Hold up your right hand with the three middle fingers up and hold your thumb and pinky finger together.

– The next important thing to know as a Daisy Girl Scout is that you make a promise.

– Let’s recite the promise, repeat each line after it is said:
              On my honor,
              I will try
              to serve God and my country,
              to help people at all times,
              and to live by the Girl Scout Law

– “On my honor” means you are promising to do something

– Living “by the Girl Scout Law” means you want to make the world a better place

– What does it mean to make a promise? Why is it important to keep them?

– What do you think the words “I will try” mean?

– Discuss how at the end of meetings, we always make a Friendship Circle. You stand in a circle and cross your right arm over your left. Then you grasp hands with the person next to you. The Friendship Circle stands for the unbroken chain of friendship with Girl Scouts and Girl Guides around the world.

– A great way to remind us of our friendships with other Girl Scouts is to sing the “Make New Friends” song. If you know it, you can sing it, or you can look online for a video of scouts singing the song to help you learn it:

              Make new friends,
              but keep the old,
              one is silver and the other’s gold.
              A circle is round,
              it has no end
              that’s how long I want to be your friend.

– Practice the correct way to cross arms and make a Friendship Circle. The final part of our ceremony every meeting is the Friendship squeeze.

– Think of a silent wish that you would like to pass along. Once you get the wish and the squeeze passed to you, then you’ll use your right hand to squeeze the hand of the friend next to you, and it will travel all the way around the circle!

– Great job! You have earned the Daisy Promise Center!

You can also download and print the file.

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