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Daisy Petal at Home: Considerate and Caring

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Next up is the light green petal, which stands for considerate and caring. Being considerate and caring means that we take time to really listen to other people and take an active role in making things better for everyone, and not just ourselves.

Zinni Petal – Considerate & Caring


1. Enjoy and talk about “Zinni’s story
2. Come up with ideas of how to be like Zinni
3. Practice being considerate and caring

Read “Zinni’s Story” together.

Talk about the story:

  • Why did Zinni forget to be considerate and caring at first?
  • What reminded her of her promise to act in a considerate and caring way?
  • How do you think the Flower Friends felt when they shared their coloring books, crayons, and markers instead of keeping them for themselves?

Come up with three different ways you can be considerate and caring at home.

Draw a picture of you doing those three things and put it somewhere you can see it to remind you to be considerate and caring every day. Examples: being nicer to a sibling, sharing toys with a friend or sibling, listening to someone without interrupting…

Practice active listening. (Materials: small object or toy; bandanna or other item for blindfold, optional)

  • Have your girl close her eyes or assist her in putting on a blindfold.
  • Place your object somewhere in the room. It shouldn’t be somewhere tricky, but out of the way.
  • Once the object has been placed, your girl has to actively listen to your instructions in order to find the object.
    • Why was listening so important?
    • How were you a good listener?
    • Was it hard to be an active listener?
    • What might make it easier to be an even better listener?
    • When you are having a conversation with someone, what are some things you can do to show you are really listening and care about what he or she is saying?

Now that you have met Zinni, print and color her coloring page! (optional)

Now, when we say the Girl Scout Law, you will know exactly what it means to be Considerate and Caring!

Practice up to that line at home:

“I will do my best to be honest and fair, friendly and helpful, considerate and caring…” Awesome job earning your light green petal!

You can print a copy of the activity plan below.

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