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Daisy Petal at Home: Courageous and Strong

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Even something as simple as trying something new shows you are growing in courage and strength and earns the red Daisy petal!

Tula Petal – Courageous and Strong

Tula – Courageous and Strong


1. Make a courageous crown.
2. Enjoy and talk about “Tula’s story”.
3. Explore the lives of people who are courageous and strong.
4. Find ways to remind yourself to be courageous and strong every day.

Tula the Tulip stands for being courageous and strong. Another word for courageous is brave.

What is a brave thing you have done?

Now, make a courageous crown to remind yourself to be courageous and strong, just like Tula!

Materials: strips of red construction paper (or whatever paper you have), long enough to wrap around girl’s head, craft supplies (i.e. stickers, sequins, buttons, glitter, and glue), and tape

  • First, take a strip of paper and write one thing you think is good about being courageous and strong.
  • When you are finished writing, decorate your strip of paper any way you want to!
  • Now have an adult help you to finish your crown so you can wear it.

This crown is a reminder to try and act courageous and strong all of the time, like when you see someone being treated unfairly or when you are trying something new.

Read “Tula’s Story” together.

Talk about the story:

  • When did Tula show that she was courageous and strong? Do you think she was scared?
  • Can you be scared and courageous at the same time?
  • How do you think Darla felt when Tula asked the dandelions to stop teasing her?
  • How do you think the rest of the dandelions felt after Tula and then Miss Evergreen asked them to stop teasing Darla?

Have an adult help you take a Virtual Tour of a fire station or sheriff’s office on a computer or cell phone:

St. Charles, MO Fire Station Tour (scroll down through Facebook posts)

Fire Station Field Trip

Sheriff’s Office Field Trip

  • What did you learn from taking your tour?
  • Do you think fire fighters or sheriff’s deputies are courageous and strong?

Find a story about a woman or girl who is courageous and strong. Once you learn her story, share it with a family member (like your grandparents) or a friend.

Did you know that you are courageous and strong too? Of course, you are! You are a superhero!

Print out the attached superhero costume page and design your superhero costume or draw yourself as a superhero.

Once you are finished, write on your superhero page one thing you can do every day to be courageous and strong.

Now, put your picture somewhere you can be reminded to be courageous and strong every day!

Now that you have met Tula, print and color her coloring page! (optional)

Now, when we say the Girl Scout Law, you will know exactly what it means to be Courageous and Strong!

Practice up to that line at home:

“I will do my best to be honest and fair, friendly and helpful, considerate and caring, courageous and strong…” Awesome job earning your red petal!

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