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Daisy Petal at Home: Friendly and Helpful

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The second Daisy petal is the yellow petal, which stands for Friendly and Helpful. Working on this petal reminds us that including others means making everyone feel wanted and appreciated, and being helpful brings a little extra sunshine to each day. 🙂

Sunny Petal – Friendly and Helpful


1. Enjoy and talk about “Sunny’s story
2. Make a drawing based on “Sunny’s Story”
3. Practice being friendly and helpful

Read “Sunny’s Story” together.

Talk about the story:

  • How did Sunny show that she was friendly and helpful?
  • How do you think Robin felt when Sunny offered to give Suzy a tour of the garden?
  • How do you think Suzy felt after Sunny gave her a tour of the garden and Buckley invited her to the party?

Draw your favorite scene from the story or imagine what happened at Buckley’s party and draw that!

Think of three ways you can be helpful when visiting a friend or at home. Then pick one thing to do during the next week. For example, you might pick up your toys without being asked or set the table for dinner every night.

Now that you have met Sunny, print and color her coloring page! (optional)

In her own words, write down 3 things she has learned about being friendly and helpful.

Now, when we say the Girl Scout Law, you will know exactly what it means to be Friendly and Helpful!

Practice up to that line at home:

“I will do my best to be honest and fair, friendly and helpful…”

Awesome job! Now you can color in your yellow petal on your tracking sheet!

Print the activity plan below:

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