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Daisy Petal at Home: Responsible for What I Say and Do

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Actions speak louder than words; when you promise to do something, be sure to follow through! The orange petal is all about being accountable for your words.

Mari Petal – Responsible for What I Say and Do


1. Enjoy and talk about “Mari’s story”.
2. Find ways to remind yourself to be responsible for what you say and do.
3. Practice being responsible at home.

Mari the Marigold stands for practicing what she says and does. Another way to explain it is when you make a promise and stick to it!

What is a promise you have made and kept?

Read “Mari’s Story” together.

Talk about the story:

When did Mari show that she was responsible for what she says and does?

How do you think she felt when she couldn’t get ice cream with her cousins? How do you think she felt when she finished decorating the cupcakes?

When have you shown that you’re responsible for what you say and do? How did it make you feel?

Think of a few ways you can show, every day, that you’re responsible for what you say and do.

Make a promise to do something like put your toys away or make your bed. Draw yourself doing that activity—and then do it!

Mari showed how responsible she was by cleaning up the picnic table and leaving everything the way she found it. Think of ways you can show your family how responsible you are—maybe by keeping track of your belongings, throwing away your trash after you’ve finished a meal, or picking up trash that others have left behind.

(Practice being responsible with your girl by turning chores into a game)

Whose is whose?

When you bring the washing in from the clothesline or dryer, tip the contents of the basket into the middle of the floor.

Have an allocated basket, box or area for each member of the family. The idea is to work out what item of clothing belongs to which person and to put it in the right basket. The game can erupt into lots of giggles when you suggest your child’s singlet might fit you or that daddy’s jeans may be theirs.

My Kitchen Helper

Meal time is a great chance to teach your young child responsibility. They can help you prepare food, set the table and serve parts of the meal. Afterwards, there’s clean up time too.

Start small with just one task or activity at a time. Children love make-believe kitchens, but nothing beats the real thing.

Enlist your little helper in an activity that will keep them occupied while you get on with the main preparation. You’ll be amazed how much care (and time) they will take to help out!

Print and color the Mari coloring page. (optional)

Now, when we say the Girl Scout Law, you will know exactly what it means to be Responsible for What I Say and Do!

Practice up to that line at home: “I will do my best to be honest and fair, friendly and helpful, considerate and caring, courageous and strong, and responsible for what I say and do…” Awesome job!

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