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Glazed Orange Scones

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I have not seen an ant for about five days.

I am pretty sure they are still there, ducking out of sight when I walk into the kitchen.

They are crafty little suckers.

However, since I can’t prove that, I have been able to reclaim my counters in a limited fashion.

Which means I can actually work in the kitchen again. (What happens when I have limited working space? This and that.) 🙂

And do 4 loads of dishes a day so the ants don’t have anything to smell.

I am so lucky.

It is dreary and rainy again today, and it is easy to start to feel dreary.

A remedy for dreary days? Orange scones. (Feel free to skip ahead here)

As promised. Sorry they took so long! Dumb ants.

For many people, making scones is very intimidating.

Who wants to freeze butter and then try to grate it?

Or cut frozen butter into flour with two knives?

And then, if it is over-worked, the result is extremely dry.

No thanks.

I will admit, there are a few scone recipes that I will take the time to grate the butter for, like my cream scones, but for the most part, I use a food processor to take some of the pain out of scone making.

I just have to pay attention and not over-incorporate the butter.

This time, I decided to use my little 3-cup hand powered food processor from Pampered Chef.

It ended up being too small, so I had to drag the bigger one out anyway.

Oh well. I tried.

I zested one large Cara Cara orange, and used the little processor to pulse the sugar and zest together.

I measured the rest of my dry ingredients into a bowl, dumped in my orange sugar, and blended it with a whisk.

I put half the flour mixture into the mini food processor and measured my butter.

I promptly realized I was going to have an enormous mess on my hands if I tried to add the rest of the flour mixture, so I stopped and transferred everything to a larger food processor.

I pulsed the mixture about five times. This gave me a coarse crumb, but also left a few chunks of butter about the size of small peas in the mixture.

The butter chunks are there, trust me.

When I was at the store, I thought I had pulled a vegan scone recipe to make…

So I bought coconut yogurt instead of sour cream. I decided to go ahead and use the coconut yogurt and see how it turned out.

I beat the egg and the yogurt in a separate bowl.

I added the wet ingredients to the flour mixture and started mixing it with a fork.

Once most of the liquid was incorporated, I switched to my hands to continue mixing as I formed the dough into a ball. I could still see little butter chunks, which meant I would get nice and moist, but still crumbly, scones.

See the butter was just hiding!

After flouring the work surface, I pressed the dough into a disk about 7-inches wide and about 3/4-inch thick. I then cut the dough into 8 wedges using a sharp knife.

The scones were arranged on the baking tray about 1-inch apart, and into the oven they went.

While they were baking, I melted butter and added the other ingredients needed to make the orange glaze.

I found that the juice of the Cara Cara orange was not as strong of a flavor as I would have liked, so I added some popcorn (super fine) salt to enhance the orange flavor and cut a little bit of the sweet taste.

Once the glaze was finished, I impatiently waited for the scones to finish baking.

I let them sit on the counter for about 10 minutes before I glazed them. By this point, I was so hungry from smelling the baking scones that it was torture to wait so long!

A little bit of clotted cream and a little bit of apricot jam gave these scones the perfect finishing touch.

I thought the finished scones were a little too sweet, so if they last until tomorrow, I plan to eat my next one with a nice cup of Edith Wharton tea.

We’ll see if they make it that far. 😊

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