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How I Earned My Daisy Petals

There are few things more frustrating to a baker than having all your plans derailed by ants.

Every year, I wage a war against the little buggers. And this year I expected no less. What I did not expect was to find them on my kitchen counters.

For the last thirteen years, I have halted incursions at the back door, in my office, in our spare bedroom, and last year, the hall bath, but I have never had them on the kitchen counters. 

As a baker, there is almost always something on the counter with sugar. Icing bags, icing bowls, mixing bowls, you name it. And I can’t say I have always gotten them in the dishwasher the same day they appeared.

The weird part though? They did not go for the icing bowls and the cookie sheet, they went for the sponge.

I had big plans for playing with some fun techniques to show you, but those plans are on hold until the battle has been waged, and I can take back my kitchen.


What does a baker do when she is not baking? Until this November, I would have said making a crafting mess. Instead, I took on a new and exciting adventure as co-leader of a Daisy Troop.

And not only co-leader, but cookie manager as well.

I know what you are thinking, but nope. I don’t have a daughter.

I decided to do this to help my friend whose daughter is in Kindergarten.

I know, I know. I am trying to get the “Sucker” tattoo removed from my forehead.

The crazy thing is, it is actually pretty fun. It combines all my skills of over-the-top organization and spreadsheets, crafting meeting agendas to accommodate our contracted meeting schedule, planning simple craft activities, organizing the cookie sale, sorting and distributing cookies, handling sales at our cookie booths, and of course, more spreadsheets.

Oh, and working with the girls.

I never had the chance to be a Daisy, so it has been an interesting year. Up until now, I had learned the Girl Scout Promise, but I never had a clue about the Girl Scout Law.

After several meetings, and lots of cutting out of Daisy Petals for the posters the girls made, I think I’ve finally got it.

And while the girls have been busy earning their Petals, I have been learning too.

I will do my best to be

Honest and Fair – making sure to treat all the girls equally, getting each of them involved in the meeting, and not just deferring to the girls who always chime in.

Friendly and Helpful – learning the girls’ names (that took time), setting up crafts without being asked, and being willing to step in and tie knots on the ends of bracelets (or help with whatever we are working on).

Caring and Considerate – no matter how my day was going, making sure that the girls see nothing but kindness and willingness to put them first during our time together.

Courageous and Strong – being brave means stepping out of your comfort zone, and this is definitely out of my zone.

Responsible for What I Say and Do – making timelines and sticking to them, making sure that all cookies orders are taken care of correctly, and keeping good records (on spreadsheets).

And to Respect Myself and Others – taking care to make sure all girls feel important in the meeting, teaching them about healthy choices (reminding myself to make more), and being thankful for those who contribute to our meetings.

Respect Authority – not only a reminder to follow the rules, but a reminder that I am in a position of authority in our troop, and I have a responsibility to be worthy of their respect.

Use Resources Wisely – we have not finished this petal yet, so far the biggest lesson here is constant vigilance to make sure snacks are distributed evenly. 😉

Make the World a Better Place – we have not finished this one either, however I know that I only have a limited amount of time with my girls each month, but I hope that I am able to help the girls see that they do matter and can make a difference. I know they have already changed me.

And Be a Sister to Every Girl Scout – connecting with the girls has definitely reminded me that we all come from different situations and backgrounds, but are all connected to each other through our common activities and goals.

And there you have it, the Girl Scout Law.

I don’t think the vest will fit, but maybe I can get a sash to put my petals on.

So far it has been an adventure, and I look forward to continuing. After spending time with my Daisies, learning and growing, I am pretty sure I am in for the long haul.

I may not have learned everything I needed to know in Kindergarten, but these Kindergartners have sure taught me a lot.


For some helpful Daisy stuff, check out my Daisy Resources page. I keep adding new stuff all the time.

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