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How I Spent my Summer

And I thought life was crazy when I wrote “Quiet Reflections”!

I was wrong.

The last two months have been practically non-stop.

I made Bisquick Banana Muffins and baked some scones for the first time in months. Look for those recipes soon. 🙂

I had my second “Decorate-Your-Own” cake party.  We had so much fun showing the kids techniques and watching their creativity show in their unique designs.

I have made several desserts for clients.

Before my niece went home, we made her 11th birthday cake. She has come so far this year, making her second fondant cake. It was Taylor Swift inspired, but she definitely made it her own with her creative hand-lettering with an edible pen.

I spent an evening at the Missouri Botanical Gardens, enjoying the lights with my family.

We took a quick trip up to Door County, Wisconsin.

And then suddenly, summer was over!

This week we had our first Daisy meeting of the school year, and we worked on our Buddy Camper badge. The girls are going to day camp soon, where we will be getting our Outdoor Art Maker badge as well, so we wanted to work on learning Leave No Trace and Camp Safety.

Hopefully, we’ll be able to do a backyard overnight camping trip in the spring to apply everything we learned about camping this fall!

The summer may have flown by, but I plan on taking as much time to enjoy the (finally) nice fall weather we are having.



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  1. Hi, Thank you 😊 this is great for our Girl Scouts to earn their badges. I’m looking for the Leave…

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