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Monkey Bread with a Twist!

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I couldn’t be more blessed than bonus time to spend with my niece! But if I thought the two weeks of no “me” time was rough, I could never have guessed I would be non-stop for another month!

It has been basically six weeks since I have had time to just sit, focus, and recharge. Today I am excited to not leave the house, nor do I have any orders to work on while I am here.

The kiddos are back home now, but I can still share the fun Monkey Bread recipe my niece and I came up with weeks ago!

While my niece was here, I accidentally got hooked on Kids Baking Championship. I watched an episode from last season where the kids were making macarons, and then suddenly realized three more episodes had gone by!


I now have the DVR set to record new episodes, so I will never be out of the kids baking loop again. Not only is it a cute show, but it has lots of ideas for what I can do with my niece, and what other kids her age are able to do.

One of last season’s episodes was about Monkey Bread Volcanoes. Now, I did not run out and buy 20 pounds of dry ice so that we could also make volcanoes, but it did make me think about making Monkey Bread.

Instead of just plain ole Monkey Bread, the kids had to make theirs in tropical flavors, which sounded just plain amazing to me, and it was a great excuse to get out the Passion Fruit Amoretti Artisan Flavor Compound I keep hidden in my closet for the “perfect” project.

I am not usually one to wing it on measuring, but this one was all about personal level of flavor preference, so we gave it a go.

We turned the oven on to 350 F.

We took additional inspiration from the Kids Baking Championship by using a different method of putting the Monkey Bread together.

In a large zipper bag, we mixed equal parts brown sugar and white sugar with a generous dose of cinnamon.

Then we melted a stick, plus a little more, of butter. After letting it cool awhile, we added some of the Passion Fruit Compound to taste. I think it was about a tablespoon… (shrug) It was a month ago after all.

Unwrapping the butter
Stirring in the Passion Fruit Compound

While the butter was cooling, she opened the can of biscuits, cutting each biscuit into fourths.

Cutting the biscuits

She dropped several biscuit pieces at a time into our butter and passion fruit mixture. Once the pieces were well coated, she dropped them into the bag of sugars and cinnamon and gave them a good shake.

Coating the biscuits in butter
Shaking the pieces in sugars and cinnamon mixture

The sugar coated pieces were then dropped into a Bundt pan coated with cooking spray.

After all the pieces were in, I drizzled a bit of the leftover butter mixture over the biscuits and put it in the oven. If you like your Monkey Bread extra gooey, it is a great idea, but it ended up being a bit too gooey for me. I would have liked it better without the extra butter.

We baked it until a tester came out clean from middle of the ring of biscuits, 30 – 35 minutes maybe?

Admiring her handiwork. (I am to blame for the off-center presentation.)

The passion fruit flavor was definitely there, but it did not overpower the caramelized sugar and cinnamon flavors that make Monkey Bread so amazing.

It was really good. 🙂

…and I think I have another can of biscuits in the fridge.

Hmm. 😉

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