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Moon and Stars Cake Pops

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This has been my year for celestial inspired projects.

Okay, just two so far, but that’s two more than last year.

Check out my other project, a Galaxy Adventure Cake here.

These were fun to make because I got to play with some Unicorn Elixir Poppy Paint and DecoPac Violet Candy Color. (I am not receiving affiliate income from the links in this post.)

I planned to use royal blue as the cake pop base color.

Of course, I was out of royal blue candy coating.

I am pretty sure someone sneaks in and hides the one color I need. Right now, there are at least two bags of orange in my bin. But if someone called tomorrow wanting pumpkin cake pops, I am willing to bet it would just disappear right before I went in there…

To solve this problem, I have been investing in new DecoPac Candy Colors and powdered food coloring (or matte dust). Learn about other uses for matte dust here.

I did have blue Merkens Confectionery Coating, so with the addition of Violet Candy color, I was able to get a really pretty blue-violet for my cake pops.

I wanted to really make these pops, well, pop, so I got out my new Unicorn Elixir Poppy Paint. Poppy paint is already awesome, since it paints on just about any food surface, but the Unicorn Elixir is extra fun. When you pour some into a cup, it is this milky white with some iridescence, but when it is painted on a surface, it turns this really neat iridescent purple or blue.

Not much to look at in a cup, but painted on…
How pretty is that?

When painted on my cake pops, the difference was night and day. 😉

Using modeling chocolate colored yellow, I cut moons out with two circle cutters and my stars with a little (food dedicated only) star-shaped clay cutter.

To cut out the moons I used on circle cutter, then cut the inside with a slightly smaller cutter.

Handy tip: When working with candy coating that needs to stay melted for a long time, tuck it into a heating pad on low. Be sure to line the pad with parchment paper to keep chocolate off the heating pad.

It was time consuming and tricky to attach all those moons and stars to the pops with melted candy coating, but I got them all on eventually.

I just couldn’t leave the moons matte. The final step was hand-painting all the moons and stars with gold sheen dust (more on that here) mixed with some confectioner’s glaze for shine.

It took 7 hours to dip and decorate 50 cake pops, but they turned out really cute.


To learn how I make and roll cake pops, please read more here.

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