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No-Bake Lemon Lavender Tarts

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The ants go marching one by one…

The ants go marching two by two…

The ants go marching three by three… and they’re going to be the death of me!

That may be a tad dramatic, but they have owned my kitchen for two weeks now. I am desperately trying to hold it together.

The pest control people promise me it will all end soon. Right now, I do not believe them.

I got invited to another Trivia Night. Whoo hoo!

Trivia Nights are super fun.

I was recently told that Trivia Nights are not really heard of in other places around the U.S.

Is this true?

Who wants a stuffy fundraiser dinner when you can sit around, stuff your face with snacks, find out how much useless information you know, and laugh with your friends over how much useless information you know?

My role usually involves knowing the easy questions and writing the answers on our sheets.

And bringing desserts, of course.

Last time I brought my yummy Double Chocolate Fruit Tarts (which you can read all about here.) This time, one of the people at my table is allergic to chocolate (a tragedy indeed), so I can’t make the tarts again.

With the invasion ongoing and a cake to finish this week, I am not as much pressed for time as for space.

My stainless-steel island is the last remaining ant-free zone, so I have 8 square feet of workspace in my entire kitchen.

Being spring, flower scents and flavors are the way to go.

(Honestly, I can make an argument for lavender anytime, but this one seems legitimate.) 😉

Lemon Lavender Tarts it is. (Skip to recipe here.)

Since I did not have the space to bake tart crusts, I used store-bought shortbread crusts.

My favorite part of the tarts is the Simpson & Vail Floral Nectar Tea infused whipped cream. Lavender buds will also work, but the tea adds an extra depth of flavor. (I am not receiving any affiliate income from products or services in this post.)

In order to make the tarts, I had to first infuse my cream with the Floral Tea overnight.

Cream infusing with tea

The next day, I added some Amaretti Violet Lavender syrup (yay! finally an excuse to use it!) to my lemon curd.

I used my scratch Microwave Lemon Curd. Hmm, maybe a future post?

Which reminds me, I promised I would make some orange scones.

I know! I know! I swear as soon as the ants are gone. I even got the recipe out last week. Really!

To make my whipped cream, I used my handy whipped cream maker from Pampered Chef. All it takes is cream and powdered sugar, and voila! I have thick, piping consistency cream.

Don’t ask if there was any left over…it’s gone now!

A little floral nectar tea for a garnish, and they are ready to eat!

But before I do, I think I need some Floral Nectar Tea… and some Austen.



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