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Pumpkin Pecan Scones…or Don’t Bake Hungry

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I almost didn’t toast my nuts.

I know…but I was hungry!

They say never shop hungry, but you really shouldn’t bake hungry either. It makes you want to take all kinds of crazy shortcuts, like not toasting your nuts.

Lucky for me, the little voice in my head (who today happened to be Duff Goldman) won out.

See, there they are in the pan! I would not lie to you (or Duff)!

I did chop them first and toast them on the stove, instead of the oven…the hungry part of me won that battle.

As a home baker, I have no interest in being on a competitive cooking show. I am not good with timed deadlines. Too much pressure. I don’t even watch those shows.

Except Kids Baking Championship.

I can’t help secretly wishing to be on that show someday, it’s just so much fun!

And even though it’s not going to happen (that whole being adult already problem), I can’t imagine being able to ever look Duff and Valerie in the eyes if I cheated today and did not toast my nuts.

I just couldn’t bear the disappointment on their faces. :/

Lesson learned. Toast your nuts!

Other than the chopping and toasting of the nuts, the procedure is just the same as most of the other scones I make.

Whisk the dry ingredients. Cut in the butter using two forks, a pastry blender, or a food processor. Add your toasted nuts and wet ingredients. Bring together with your hands. Pat or roll the dough into 3/4″ thickness. Cut out the scones and place on the pan. Lastly brush with beaten eggs and sprinkle on the sugar. (Full recipe below.)

The recipe calls for buttermilk. I was out of my buttermilk powder, so I used 2% milk and a dash of lemon juice.

I also punished myself for my near nut miss and muscled the butter in with a pastry blender, instead of my usual food processor method.

You can also reference my Earl Grey and Orange Scones recipe for more step-by-step photos. They also happen to be my favorite scones. šŸ˜‰

chopping the pecans
dry ingredients whisked together
dough patted to 3/4″ thickness
oven ready!
fresh from the oven

Remember how I said I was hungry? I promptly burnt my mouth in my quest to fix that!

It was so worth it.

— Angie

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