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Quick & Easy Cinco de Mayo Cookie Tutorial

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Even though most of us are still under stay-at-home orders, we can still celebrate holidays together. You can have a party with your friends virtually, so why not make some quick Cinco do Mayo cookies to drop on their doorsteps? 😉

Start out by baking your favorite sugar cookie recipe and cutting them out with any fun plaque-shaped cookie cutter you have on hand. If you don’t have a plaque cutter, round cookies work too!

I had tiny candy-coated chocolate pieces on hand, so I used them for the lights in step two. If you don’t have any sprinkles or candies, you can just use colored icing (see alternate method below).

Colored Candy or Sprinkle Method

Step 1: Outline and flood the cookie with white icing.
Step 2: Using tweezers, immediately place candies or sprinkles in place along two curves.

Step 3: Once the flooded cookie is has set for several hours (or overnight), pipe the strings that hold the festive lights.
Step 4: (My least favorite step…read why here) Using fun colors, pipe the word “Fiesta” on the cookies. Once dry, they are ready to share and enjoy!

Alternate Method (no sprinkles or candies)

Step 1: Outline and flood the cookie with royal icing. Let dry several hours to overnight.

Step 2: Once background has set up, pipe black lines where you want your lights to be.
Step 3: Color small amounts of icing in several fun colors. Pipe dots of colors along the strings.
Step 4: Pipe the word “Fiesta” on the cookies. Let them dry, then share and enjoy!

See it really is simple to get a quick celebration cookie to enjoy with your friends!


— Angie

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