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Quiet Reflections

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I like quiet.

As an introvert, it is much easier for me to focus, think, and solve problems when I am alone.

Alone in the quiet.

And I mean quiet. No TV, no music, nothing. I will even go so far as to wear earplugs if someone is mowing the lawn while I am trying to get work done.

Think what you will.

Friends and family close to me know that when I don’t have my alone time, I have a hard time functioning the rest of the week. I just need my quiet time to reset and get ready for what is ahead.

Sometimes, of course, that just isn’t possible. The last ten days have been full of fun, laughter, too much television, a completely new set of water lines for the house, and no quiet.

I am very lucky to get my niece and nephews back in town for another few weeks. I love spending time with them, but I usually try to schedule myself some alone time during the week.

When I don’t have any “me” time, writing is impossible.

So here I sit, 80 minutes into my first quiet time in ten days, as I try to think of a recent project or story to blog about.

Last week I hosted my first “decorate-your-own-cake” birthday party, and wow was that an adventure! I had eleven 6” cakes in my refrigerator, just begging to be decorated. The kids had a blast, and I did too.

Here are a few of the results. 😊

Other than the party, I have made only a couple of recent cakes.

I wish I would have taken more step-by-step photos, but when you are working on a wedding cake like this, it is stressful enough just to make the cake.

The tire was a wheel barrow tire with a fondant hubcap added.

And for the cutest project I have made recently, I made a gluten- and dairy-free baby shower cake in a woodland critter theme.

Hoping to bring you something more exciting next time!

If I just get a little quiet. 😉

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