Daisy Scout Petal Resources

Petal Tracking Sheet

Petal Tracking Sheet – We had the girls make posters to take home. After we earn new petals, we send home “stickers”. I cut them using my Cricut and added strips of adhesive to the backs. We also track our earned petals on our Kaper Chart. Make sure the white square is 1″ to insure proper print and cut size.
Picture of tracker and cut petals

Daisy Petal Activity Plan Links

Daisy Promise Center

How to Earn the Promise Center at home

Honest and Fair – Lupe Petal

How to Earn the light blue petal at home
Lupe Petal Agenda and Activities (Girl Scouts of Colorado)

Friendly and Helpful – Sunny Petal

How to Earn the yellow petal at home

Considerate and Caring – Zinni Petal

How to Earn the light green petal at home

Courageous and Strong – Tula Petal

How to Earn the red Tula petal at home

Responsible for what I say and do – Mari Petal

How to earn the Mari petal at home

Respect Myself and Others & Respect Authority – Gloria and Gerri Petals

How to earn the respect petals at home

Use Resources Wisely – Clover Petal

How to earn the green petal at home

Clover Petal Meeting Agenda and Activities

Make the World a Better Place – Rosie Petal

How to earn the (light) pink petal at home

Rosie Petal Meeting Agenda and Activities

Be a Sister to Every Girl Scout – Vi Petal

(at home version coming 4/15/20!)

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