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S’mores Truffles (S’mores Cookie Dough Truffles)

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I was asked to make something s’mores for a baby shower, and originally, I was going to make cake pops. I have made them before by adding crushed graham crackers to my chocolate cake and rolling the dough around a mini marshmallow. After dipping the dough in milk chocolate candy coating, I would add more crushed graham crackers and top with those crunchy, tiny marshmallows you put in hot cocoa.

They are good, but to me, they don’t really taste like s’mores.

So it was time to find a new recipe.

Of the recipes I looked at, most had graham cracker crumbs mixed with cream cheese, rolled around a marshmallow, and dipped in chocolate.

Then I found a recipe on Delish by Laura Rege that sounded even better, s’mores cookie dough truffles!

I made a few tweaks, and now this is a definite keeper!

Since these are s’mores, I absolutely had to have toasted marshmallows. So, I threw a handful of mini marshmallows on a cookie sheet and put them in the broiler until they got nice and brown. (If I had Toasted Marshmallow Compound on hand, I may have saved myself the step.)

Who am I kidding? Toasted marshmallows!


While I left the marshmallows to cool, I put my graham crackers in the food processor until I had mostly fine crumbs, but a few smaller chunks as well.

I beat my butter, brown sugar, and vanilla until it was nice and fluffy. Then I added my graham cracker bits/crumbs and salt.

I attempted to chop my toasted marshmallows, but gave up and just threw them in the stand mixer. It seemed to distribute them fairly well. 🙂

I grabbed a 3/4 cup measure and filled it approximately halfway with mini chocolate chips.

I then added marshmallow bits to fill the rest of the measuring cup.

Still needs more marshmallow bits!

Can you guess which scoop I used to make my truffles?

Yep! My favorite #40 scoop. I am telling you, it is a wonder.

And no, no one is paying me to sell them. 🙂

(If you are confused, or new to my blog, check out some of my other recipes, and even my cake pop blog entries, I seriously use this scoop a lot.)

After scooping and rolling my truffles, I put them in the fridge to chill.

I never have available freezer space for things like chilling truffles. Cheers to those of you who do!

I have an occasional tendency to buy super cool things I think I am going to use right away and then hoard them until I can find the perfect use for them. I found this S’mores Morsel mix in my stash, and I am very proud of myself for using them! I only had one bag though, so next time it will just be plain ole milk chocolate.

As soon as I dipped each truffle, I topped them with graham cracker crumbs and marshmallow bits.

I am pretty sure they were gone in about 20 minutes after the first person tried one at the party.

It’s been a crazy summer, and I can’t believe it is over.

Oh well, on to all things pumpkin! 😉

— Angie

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