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Tropical Fruit Scones

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I am sitting here, drinking a cup of tea, avoiding folding laundry, and wishing I had some scones to enjoy.

Unfortunately for me, I was lazy this week, and did not make any.

Fortunately for you, I forgot to share the recipe from some Tropical Scones I made.

There were only two differences to how I make these scones from how most of the scone recipes that I use were made.

The dough is much stickier and softer, and I did not cut them out with a cookie cutter. Instead, I used a #40 scoop to get nice, even scones. I use this scoop for my cake pops, cookies, and more. It is a great size to have on hand. See how I use it for cake pops here.

To see my scone tutorial, check out this post. The photos give a good step-by-step look at the process.

For my fruit, I used this awesome Island Mix from a UK Tesco. It is a mix of raisins, dried apricot, dried papaya, and dried pineapple. Luckily, when I run out of my treasured mix, it is easy to buy each of the ingredients separately. 🙂

I couldn’t decide which photo of the scones I liked best, so I figured I would use a few of them. 😉

I hope these inspire you to make your own tropical scones and take a 20-minute vacation break!

— Angie

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