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Under the Sea Cake

cake and cookies

Under the sea,
Under the sea,
Mermaids are swimming,
Sprinkles are trimming,
The cake that you see!

NHL playoffs really mess with my sleep schedule, and I was a little loopy…

So, the making up of new lyrics to old songs began…

Most people do not consider me silly, and I am okay with that.

Occasionally though, when the lack of sleep takes over, the non-sensical Angie stops by.

Don’t worry, she never stays long.


We’ll just move on.

Oh, yeah, the reason for the song.

An Under the Sea cake, of course!

It is always fun when I am given a broad theme and no parameters for the cake design.

It is also a pain, as I am terrible at coming up with ideas at first.

I eventually figure it out though.

Sometimes even before I sit down to decorate the cake!

When it comes to baking, I am a planner.

(When it comes to just about everything else, I am still a planner. Don’t get me started on vacation itineraries…)

This is a good thing for baking (and my need for sleep). I don’t start a cake the day before it is getting delivered and stay up until the wee hours of the morning working on it.

When I plan, I get to enjoy several hours of whatever else I feel like doing time. This also means I can take on more than one cake in a week and not freak out over it.

My schedule:

Day 1—Bake
Day 2—Ice
Day 3—Cover with fondant (if needed)
Day 4—Decorate
Day 5—Deliver

If I start working at 9, I am usually finished for the day by lunchtime, giving me time to do things like write blog posts…or watch Hallmark movies.

You know, whichever seems more important at the time. 😉

By the time I got to decorating day for this cake, I had figured out how I wanted to do the background and made the cookies I wanted to add as the final decoration.

This cake is very similar to my Galaxy Cake (which you can check out here).

Before I started icing, I wanted to make sure the blues I planned to use did not clash with the mermaid cookies.

Mermaid cookies and icing
Looks good to me!

Then I made sure the blues and green I decided to use would be (go together).

Icing bowls
I do this a lot. You can learn more about it here.

Once the colors were coordinated, I made a little test palette to check the colors with the sprinkles I planned to use.

Icing and sprinkles

Yay! It all looks great!

Doing the top of the cake was similar to the Galaxy Cake. I just piped icing in rings around the top and added some of the other colors I wanted to blend in.

Swirls of icing on cake top
After the first spin around…

After I smoothed it, I decided that I did not want the top to be flat, so I gave it some texture and added a few more spots of color.

Now the finished top had high- and low-lights, just like real waves.

To do the sides, instead of the perpendicular piping I did with the Galaxy Cake, I piped lines parallel to the cake board. This allowed me to alternate colors and create a gradient effect.

The Galaxy Cake (see more here)
icing lines piped around the cake

The result after smoothing was good, but it needed more colors.

The result had subtle green and darker blue areas which I really loved.

Next, I piped a thick border around the cake bottom, so that when I added the sprinkles, they would be dimensional piles, instead of flat to the cake.

I know that there were lots of round sprinkles in there, and I also know that round things roll, but I was sure I could control the sprinkles by slowly adding them with a spoon.

My floor would disagree.

Once I put the cake over some containers to catch the runaways, the sprinkle process was much smoother.

initial sprinkles on cake

Good thing too, as there were a lot of runaways!

After carefully knocking off the loose sprinkles from the cake, I had a large pile of sprinkles I saved. It was definitely a close call!


To finish up the cake design, I added some seaweed with a #349 leaf tip.

seaweed detail on cake

Wording added (which was less painful than this cake), I could relax and spend 30 minutes trying to get the perfect cake and cookie pictures. (For a great tutorial on how to make the mermaid cookies, check out Flour Box Bakery’s blog and video.)

mermaid cookies
cake and cookies

I really liked the cake the way it was, but I let the birthday girl decide if we should add the mermaids to her cake or not.

I think she made a good choice. 🙂

The technique I used to ice the cake works from fathoms below to galaxies far, far away, so it is a great technique to master.

On to the next adventure!


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